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Health checks-when they are needed
Illness,weakness,disability and death are for the old. The young with their sleek,strong,naturally fit bodies don't need to bother themselves about health for a longtime yet. Real men don't need to rush into neuroticism. They may as well enjoy themselves while they can and worry about the future later. Right or wrong?Unfortunately,this isn't entirely right. Good health is about much more than staying alive. It is about staying active and enjoying life.Men who start good habits in their youth will be forever grateful to themselves later in life.

How employers are benefited?
Today,human beings are given the highest importance over any other resource in all organizations. More than technology, machinery etc. manpower forms the foundation of any organization. A weakened and diseased foundation cannot keep the structure of the organization up for long. What is required is feed forward system for investing in employees health so that the high levels of health,work delivery and productivity are maintained more or less through out the individual's career. With preventive health check and timely intervention sickness and major ailments that are associated with an unhealthy lifestyle- like heart conditions,hypertension,stress related ailments,type 2 diabetes etc. are things that can be happily avoided. The benefits of institutionalizing such a system are immense. Over a period of time, the organization can benefit from
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  • Reduced health costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Decreased turnover/increased retention
  • Improved decision-making
  • Increased stamina & resilience
  • Improved morale
Why Preventive Health Checks?
We are all aware of the fact that fate has different destiny in store for us. Life is not free of unfavourable happenings. It is better to identify problems, while it is in the primary stage and take measures to prevent it from getting worse. It is all more important not to let the problem arise at all. People in the developed countries have realized the importance of preventive measures that help to enjoy life without having to worry. Unfortunately, many people in developing countries have not adopted this wave of preventive health care. We recognise and understand the stresses and pressures of a busy lifestyle and can advise how to minimise their effects on your health. The aim of preventive health check is to identify risk factors,signs and symptoms of common conditions which if not detected early could result in serious health issues.
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Salient Features of Health Checks at hefco
  • Assessment of medical history with complete physical examination by a Physician
  • A comprehensive set of tests that give an in-depth lab profile.
  • Advance tests as prescribed by the doctor,where indicated.
  • Detailed Medical Report.
  • A permanent Health Check-up card is issued for future reference.
All tests and procedures are reviewed and reported on by consultants with specialist expertise in the relevant area that is:
  • Your Radiological and Imaging results will be reviewed and reported on by a consultant radiologist.
  • Your blood results will be reviewed and signed off by a consultant pathologist.
  • Your ECG will be reviewed and signed off bu a consultant cardiologist.
  • Detailed Medical Report.
  • Health Check offers you a detailed and accurate snapshot of your health in less than three hours on a single visit.
With the philosophy that prevention is better than cure, we have several Health Check-up Packages. Proper care has been taken in designing these packages to suit the needs of various age groups. The comprehensive health screening programme offers you the convenience of all tests under one roof at the most economic rates
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